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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The night was full of anticipation for Slipknot.. as you entered CHI Health Center you felt a wave of nostalgia for the times when life seemed normal. Before the pandemic when we were all just a little more at ease with everything. We began to enter the arena as our tickets were scanned we spotted the wave of people waiting for Merch off to the right.

The line seemed packed to the gills so we kept walking in desperate need of beer and a pretzel.

After we indulged we made our way to the two seats we booked and waited for the opening band. Wage War they were called and they didn't disappoint. I was familiar with a few of their songs , our local alternative station 89.7 the River played them all the time.

Dustin mentioned he saw them play maybe 5 years ago and commented on how far they've come so far and overall we were really impressed on their showmanship! The music was catchy and the use of a vocal backtrack was tasteful and not overdone. It wasn't hiding anything it was enhancing what was there. *chefs kiss* They seemed over all very tight and were even able to start a few mosh pits to warm up the crowd.

By the time they finished most of the arena was packed and ready to press on. The band tore down their gear and the stage hands began setting up for In This Moment. If you don't know ITM , their lead singer is essentially the Lady Gaga of Metal. Not Joke. They're Fucking Legendary. They opened up with a cover of Fly Like an Eagle and it SHOOK me! I was hooked! On the stage was a Shed fashioned to resemble a small church. This is where the lead singer would change outfits between songs. It never felt like a drag between songs and the band always kept the crowd engaged.. Dustin pointed out how this band was more of a broadway act compared to the last and we both agreed they were a welcomed addition to the front leg of the Knotfest 2022 tour. In This Moment played for a little over an hour and thanked Omaha after closing their set.

At this point the energy in the room was electric. Upon getting a few more beers we started to notice how many people seemed to be glowing. Everyone was so happy and ready for Slipknot to take the stage.

FINALLY... The time had come. A giant banner with Slipknot's logo was lifted and the lights were dimmed. As the banner dropped The Nine Headed Demon blew the air out of the room with a savagery unmatched by ANY band that night. They played a few songs before addressing the crowd much. Yet the crowd was waiting like a kid waiting for candy. Before playing Sulfur Corey Taylor took the stage alone. The crowd roared as the spotlight hit Taylor


"Is that the sound of Omaha i hear out there you Crazy motherfuckers?!?!"

The Crowd BOOMED so loud my ears rang

The Crowd drew dull waiting for Taylor to speak . He brought the mic up again.

"We are two hours away from the city that birthed this fucking band so we have ALWAYS considered Omaha a second fucking home!!"

The Crowd raved EVEN LOUDER than before!!!

At this point everyone was jumping out of their seats! Kids were screaming non stop as people threw their hands in the air. Every soul in that Arena a maggot tonight.

Taylor brought the mic up again and began to pace the stage.

"We've been coming here a long time motherfucker and some of you may not even remember the places we used to play.. a place called the Ranch Bowl.. way back.."

Another Roar followed by a rumble of conversation..

"Some of ya'll motherfuckers weren't even itches in your daddy's pants back then .. but thats okay because Slipknot is back in fucking Omaha tonight!!!"

Drums clapped as the crowd roared again.


Slipknot played for well over 2 hours and they were one of my favorite acts to date! They played every song i wanted to hear from Psychosocial to Wait and Bleed to Sulfur and even the new one , The Chapeltown Rag! Every song was full of heart and passion!! From Clown to Tortilla Man EVERY ONE was giving 1000%! Oh yeah did I mention the flamethrower attachment for the bass guitar and the ten behind his head?! The stage was beautiful.. please go look it up on YouTube! I digres…

The crowd was probably louder than any crowd i have every been apart of (which made the singalongs magical and made me feel like i was in eighth grade all over again) I was amazed by who happy every was during one of the heaviest bands of all time! Fathers and sons singing together! pregnant ladies baptizing their unborn in the melodies and beats. We ditched our seats and joined our fellow drunken comrades in the aisles. From the nose bleeds to the stage every one was losing their minds!

During the evening we were reminded of alot. We were reminded that Slipknot being the Legendary Juggernaut that it is has still got it! Not only are these guys mostly at or around their 50's... they've continued to innovate the Metal genre in a way that has been undeniable for over 20 years and counting. Slipknot came from the Midwest and means a lot to all of us here in Omaha. As Corey Taylor talked about on stage there is a darkness that midwesterners know that no one else can understand.Slipknot proves that it doesn't matter where you come from you can make a change. Not only have they fought for those who can not fight but they've brought together a family of misfits from all walks of life in the most joyous way possible. It was DEFINITELY amazing to be at production of the size in 2022 and i think i speak for everyone when i say it felt AMAZING! The band will continue on their Knotfest tour through Summer 2022 but we may be hearing a NEW ALBUM sooner than we think this spring. ;)

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