Mikey and Cory try to recapture the scraps of their youth from the pop culture wasteland. While sharing their memories of growing up in the 80s and 90s they often embark on off topic tales and complete nonsense, but it always comes full circle peppered with obscure facts gleaned from years of collecting and research, sometimes boarding on obsession. New shows come out each and every Friday.





Mikey has an unhealthy obsession with wrestling and horror movies. He collects autographs and memorabilia from all eras and genres of entertainment. When he’s not watching wrestling he can be found working for various local wrestling companies as ring announcer, interviewer, and commentator. He also enjoys collecting oddities, be it preserved animals in jars, mummies, medical equipment or even haunted objects. He hopes one day to convert his home into a roadside attraction showcasing all the crap he’s collected.



Cory is a life long collector of toys, namely He Man; Ninja Turtles; and Transformers, as well as obscure and forgotten toy lines. When he’s not searching for (or playing with) toys, he enjoys watching superhero and horror movies and working out/power lifting. Cory lives in Omaha with his wife, three kids, and three cats. He hopes one day to turn his basement into a museum of toys including the hard to find Ninja Turtle lair…. once his kids move out that is.